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Jan 14, 2018

Back on Episode 15, fellow CRM MVPs Chris Cognetta and Joel Lindstrom walked through the best practices and details behind preparing for and migrating to Dynamics 365 Online. Unfortunately, Chris and Joel ran out of time and could not cover what happens once the Migration has been completed.

This episode closes the series as we dive into the best practices and details behind a completed Migration.

We discuss the following topics:

  • Training, Testing, and Readiness
  • Changes to the Microsoft Outlook client and the Mobile apps
  • Leveraging technology that wasn't available On-Premise but it is now is available Online
  • Dynamics 365 Upgrades and how to prepare for them

If you haven't listened to Episode 15 or "Part 1" of this series, I recommend you to enjoy that episode first and get the foundation you need to successfully move to the cloud:

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