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Apr 18, 2021

In this episode of the podcast I talk to Andrew Ly, who on top of being one of my favorite MVPs in the world he just became a FastTrack Recognized Solution Architect.

Andrew discusses the process he went through to receive the recognition and how it is different from a Certified Power Platform Solution Architect.


Apr 4, 2021

Recently Microsoft announced that they will be taking over the support of local user groups while other organizations battle to fill the gaps Microsoft will be unable to fill initially such as in person events and training.

Most of the organizations looking to fill those gaps are led by implementation partners, and I...

Mar 21, 2021

Today we discuss 10 capabilities from Dynamics 365/Power Apps that have been around for a while and whether they are still useful. need some work, or never worked whatsoever.

The List:

1. More Addresses
2. Connections
3. Word/Mail Merge Templates
4. Follow/Unfollow
5. Merge
6. Duplicate Detection
7. Import Data...

Mar 7, 2021

To celebrate our 100th episode, I decided to compile some data about the show and go over it with you. Along the way, you'll find me going out in tangents and sharing some lessons and best practices...I hope some of these helps!

Thank you everyone for tuning in, don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel below and...

Feb 21, 2021

Most of the functionality in the Dynamics 365 Customer Service App has been around for years, so  I invited two Microsoft MVPs and Customer Service experts to discuss the value of these features today.

The features we discussed are:

  1. Knowledge Base
  2. Subject
  3. SLAs/SLA Pausing
  4. Entitlements
  5. Queues
  6. Case Creation and Case...