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May 20, 2018

With the release of the new Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing App, I wanted to explore its capabilities and how it compares with ClickDimensions and the Adobe Marketing Cloud.

I didn't want to tackle this topic by myself, so I invited someone who has spent a lot of time working with the new marketing app, fellow CRM...

May 18, 2018

I can't remember the last time I was so excited about so many Dynamics 365 events, so I decided to record a super quick episode to let you know about them:


D365 Saturday:

Microsoft Business Applications Summit: 

May 6, 2018

Over the last couple of months I had the opportunity to speak at two universities here in the United States. I delivered a presentation to students graduating soon and looking to start a career.

There are two things I noticed during my research for these presentations and while delivering the sessions:

  1. There is a huge...

Apr 22, 2018

On average, people spend over 4 hours a day on their phones, so it makes sense for organizations to think about Mobility when it comes to their Dynamics 365 implementations. But often, Mobility falls to an afterthought on implementations, functionality relegated to Phase 2 or 3. Organizations focus on the...

Apr 8, 2018

During the Microsoft MVP Summit 2018, Gustaf Westerlund asked if I had some time to talk about Episode 20 where he thought there were a few  "Best Practices" I was incorrect for disagreeing with them, and that there were other "Best Practices" that he didn't even think they were actual Best Practices at all.

So instead...