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Aug 26, 2018

In the past, whenever we approached a Dynamics 365 Solution we never really thought about the client/medium the user would use to access the functionality and data. We led entire implementations from the perspective of the Web Client and other available clients were always an afterthought.

With the improvements on the Mobile clients and the introduction of new mediums to access the information over the last couple of years, we are no longer on a place to ignore all of these options and remain effective as a Solution Architect.

So, I invited CRM MVP Michael Ochs to discuss these options and share some best practices and examples on best situations to use each option. We discussed:

  • Web Client with Unified Interface
  • Outlook clients
  • Mobile Clients
  • Task Flows
  • Power Apps
  • Portals
  • Power BI
  • Unified Service Desk

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