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Aug 12, 2018

One of the reasons why I enjoy attending Microsoft Inspire (previously known as World Partner Conference) each year is that I have the opportunity to interact with partners that are not solely focused in Dynamics 365. Sometimes, we find opportunities to partner with these organizations and offer each other's solutions to our customers.

For example, we have partners who focus 100% on the Finance and Operations side of Dynamics 365, we have partners who are experts in Azure, partners who are expert in merging complete IT infrastructures after an acquisition takes place, and we have even established partnership with organizations who focus on Citrix, Cisco, and other technologies outside of Microsoft.

The idea behind establishing these partnerships is to leverage the talent and experience other organizations out there have worked hard to obtain and be able to make a recommendation to our customers depending on their needs. We are obsessed with customer success, and we love to be able to work with and recommend other organizations out there that have the same level of obsession.

This year I attended a session at Microsoft Inspire focused on creating effective partnerships, and I learned several things in the process, so I invited the presenters of that session to join me on this episode and share some of their expertise with you.

Finally, my guests focus on partnerships regardless of industry or area of expertise so this will not be an episode focused on Dynamics 365. We will be back with new Dynamics 365  programming on the next episode.


My guests:

Diana Kreklow:

Shann McGrail: