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Jul 6, 2017

Like you, I had a lot of questions regarding the Microsoft Dynamics 365 July 2017 Update (v. 9.0), so I asked Param Kahlon (GM of Program Management, Dynamics 365 at Microsoft) to join me on a conversation to answer my questions.

I asked Param questions about:

  • Dynamics 365 Strategy and Vision
  • How does that strategy and vision compare with the competition's
  • Key new capabilities of the July 2017 release
  • Why so much emphasis on "Insights"
  • Virtual Entities and the future of "Integration" for Dynamics 365
  • His favorite feature of the new release
  • What can MVPs, customers, users, and other professionals do to help his team continue to improve Dynamics 365 and its momentum
  • Future events where he'll be speaking
  • Encouraging words to those organizations who were "forced" (see what I did there? :)) into another CRM Solution and might be considering moving to Dynamics 365