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Nov 29, 2020

The Coronavirus Pandemic has affected millions of businesses around the world, one of those businesses is Dynamic Communities, Inc. The organization that runs the user groups globally and the organizer of many marquee events such as the User Group Summit that I've attended every year since 2012.

This year the organization has been under heavy criticism for actions like cancelling or drastically changing events at the last minute and refusing to provide full refund to attendees.

In addition to the horrible customer service some users experienced, the company laid off about 90% of their employees, and is currently trying to shift gears in an effort to stay alive.

Is COVID-19 to blame for what is happening at DCI?

Join me as I discuss with former VP, Program Team and GM of CRMUG Tony Stein and former Director of Global Dynamics 365 Community and GM of AXUG Heather Williams, who share their perspective and details behind some of the decisions that ultimately led DCI to this point.


Tony Stein:

Heather Williams: