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Apr 7, 2019

My first MVP Summit was in 2012, I had been an MVP for about 4 months and the experience was amazing and overwhelming. I wanted to hear what first timers were thinking after day 1 of the summit.

This year's MVP Summit was attended by 12 first timers, so after a few adult beverages I invited/convinced 9 of them to jump on the mics and talk about their experience at their very first MVP Summit.

Now, I'll just go ahead and say that recording a podcast episode at around midnight is probably not the best idea, so this is not our most technical episode ever, but it was entertaining - and at some points hilarious - to record.

Tune in to listen to some behind the scenes stories from the MVP Summit, best practices, who they want to see at the summit next year, and more from these amazing legends.

Microsoft MVPs on this episode:

Antti Pajunen:

Chris Huntingford:

Julien Miquel:

James Novak:

Ulrik Carlsson:

Sarah Jelinek:

Elaiza Benitez:

Natraj Yegnaraman:

Clément Olivier: