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Dec 2, 2018

I was traveling to Sweden to speak at Dynamics 365 Saturday in Stockholm when I started realizing that there were a few situations in Microsoft Dynamics 365 where there were a couple of ways to approach them, but I always defaulted to one way versus the other, sometimes perhaps even going against Microsoft or Industry Best Practices.

I wrote down a list of 10 situations or functionalities that accomplish the same task and I got together a group of CRM MVPs and outstanding professionals to discuss which one they prefer and why.

If you are an Dynamics 365 Pro or practitioner, listen in to what 5 CRM MVPs have to say about these items:

  1. Real-time vs. Background workflows
  2. Power BI dashboards vs. Dynamics 365 dashboards
  3. Dynamics 365 for Outlook client vs. App for Outlook
  4. Regular/Web vs. Unified Interface
  5. Power Platform and CDS vs. 3rd party Integration tools
  6. Dynamics 365 for Marketing vs. 3rd party Marketing Automation solutions
  7. AppSource vs. Google/Bing search
  8. Microsoft Portals vs. VoC surveys or 3rd Party web forms
  9. PowerApps vs. Dynamics 365 for Mobile
  10. Editable grids vs. Classic grids


Guests - CRM MVPs:

Gustaf Westerlund:

Chris Huntingford:

Jonas Rapp:

Antti Pajunen:


Humberto Fernández-Morán: