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Mar 25, 2018

Many Dynamics 365 Consultants and experts today have thoughts about becoming an Independent Consultant. Typically these thoughts boil down to simple math, the thoughts go something like this: "If my company gets X amount of dollars per hour for my work, I could make that X amount times 40 per week and keep all of it if I was Independent!".

But is it really that easy?

Listen to 5 CRM MVPs at different stages of their "Independent" careers to get some clarity regarding subjects such as the mindset needed to go Independent, timing, sub-contracting for another partner vs. getting your own customers and work directly for them, charging less to "get your foot on the door", starting with a partner or going 100% solo, being prepared to fail, and having the will to win:

  • Steve Mordue: has been working independent for decades. Never worked for anybody.
  • Gus Gonzalez: went independent in 2014, now leads a CRM Practice with 8 full time employees.
  • Sheila Shapari: went independent a year ago, and she's at a point where she could start a practice to meet demand, or stay independent for now.
  • Britta Rekstad: went independent a few months ago and provides amazing insights of what work and life has been like since then.
  • Daryl LaBar: who months ago was facing two options, join a large CRM partner organization or go independent. He chose against going Independent and explains why.


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