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Nov 5, 2017

One of the things that happens in almost every Microsoft Dynamics 365 Deployment is that you will end up with a combination of technical, and non-technical people involved in the project.

Typically we find developers at the end of the "technical spectrum", and when people can't communicate with developers correctly they can cause project delays and time and effort wasted on the wrong functionality.

Solution Architects are responsible for bridging the gap between non-technical and technical resources, but sometimes you can find yourself involved in a project where you need to communicate with a developer and your Solution Architect is nowhere to be found.

So ask yourself this question: "Do I speak 'Developer'?"

If you don't, or if you are not sure, get a notepad and get ready to take some important notes because Microsoft MVP Daryl LaBar is our guest and he dives into:

  • How can you identify the kind of personality your developer has?
  • How developers communicate and work together?
  • What can developers do? (I.E. What you shouldn't be asking for)
  • How important it is for developers to learn what can Dynamics 365 do without code?

Lastly, make sure you follow Daryl LaBar on Twitter @ddlabar