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Dec 2, 2018

I was traveling to Sweden to speak at Dynamics 365 Saturday in Stockholm when I started realizing that there were a few situations in Microsoft Dynamics 365 where there were a couple of ways to approach them, but I always defaulted to one way versus the other, sometimes perhaps even going against Microsoft or Industry...

Nov 18, 2018

Episode 39 focused on 10 features I wanted GONE from Dynamics 365. This episode focuses on 10 features I want ADDED to Dynamics 365 immediately.

Here's my wish list:

  1. Print to Word/Print to PDF/Email PDF
  2. Performance-based Configuration Freedom
  3. Save and Publish
  4. Business Rules actions on Sections and Tabs
  5. Multi-select...

Nov 4, 2018

There are so many features in Microsoft Dynamics 365. Some of those features have been in the product for a long time and I believe they should go away!

Now, I know you'll disagree with some of the items on this list just by reading it but hear me out, let me explain why I think these features need to die:

  • The Outlook...

Oct 21, 2018

Episode 37 caused quite a stir because I publicly announced my refusal to ever use Managed Solutions for any purpose other than to deliver IP or Solutions created by an Independent Software Vendor (ISV).

CRM MVP Jonas Rapp "closed this case" by publishing an article attempting to put this issue to rest where he...

Oct 7, 2018

The title says it all. This is an episode about the "things" I never do or use in Microsoft Dynamics 365 and why.

Just like the "Top 20 Best Practices I disagree with" episode, you will probably go through a rollercoaster of emotions listening to this episode, as you find yourself agreeing, disagreeing, happy, sad,...